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Information for Landlords

If you are a private landlord wanting to rent out your property yourself, perhaps because you do not wish to pay ridiculously high fees to a realtor? You have come to the right agency.  At The Property Emporion, we can assure you that our fees are competitive and we could  find reliable and more than qualified tenant for your property through our thorough screening process. Long term, or short term.


We constantly receive enquiries from existing clients, as well as new potential clients in search for residential and commercial properties to rent in and around Greater London. We offer personalised, speedy and efficient service to our landlord clients, and our fees competitive.

Let Only Service is offered to property owners who wish to manage their properties themselves. Our agents would find a tenant, Market properties and arrange viewings. Comprehensive reference checks are carried out, as well as required legal paperwork prepared, etc. No Property Management would be done by our agents after paid for service is completed. Rent Collection done and the tenant would be provided with method of payment. We would also deduct any pre-tenancy invoices and pursue non payment of rent. 12 % incl. VAT of Gross Lease Value required from Landlord for services rendered. The commission would be 10% incl. VAT. 


Full Property Management Service includes all aspects with regards to running of property on behalf of owner as well as overseeing the upkeep and management of the property. As a representative of the landlord, we would deal with all tenant-related issues, carry out administrative tasks and keep budgets. Our aim is to also keep positive relationships with property owners and tenants, keep them informed of going rates, legal issues, business rates and overall day to day management of the property. Certain %15 incl. VAT of Gross Lease Value, as well as maintenance fees required from Landlord for services rendered. The commission would be 12% incl. VAT. 

Services in detail;

  • Finding a tenant and accompanying them for viewings.

  • Marketing the property through all our advertising avenues..

  • Collect monthly rent and forward to landlord. 

  • Pursue unpaid rent and also advise the tenant, as well as the landlord on rent arrears and actions to be taken.

  • Notify all relevant utility providers of changes made at the property.

  • Two property inspections would be done a year, and the landlord would be notified of the results.

  • Arrange all types of repairs required at the property with contractors.

  • We would also hold keys for the duration of the tenancy and negotiate repairs required at the end of a tenancy.

We offer full property management on short term lets as well.

If there is something you would be willing to discuss further, please do get in touch.

Looking forward to working with you!

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